Auto Club How to find good inexpensive accommodation

How to find good and inexpensive accommodation

Travelling can be one of the most exhilarating and memorable experiences in our lives, as we get the chance to encounter new sights, sounds and cultures. Before you hit the road, is always prudent to ensure that you also have decent accommodation along the way, as undesirable lodgings can often ruin a trip.

Auto Club Help to find good inexpensive accommodation
Auto Club Find good inexpensive accommodation

The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to find nice accommodation – here are some handy tips:

  • Use online apps such as Airbnb – by renting out other people’s homes, you will almost certainly find more luxurious and bigger accommodation than a hotel and at a cheaper price
  • Use websites such as Trivago and Trip Advisor that will help you find the cheapest accommodation in the area you are travelling to. Alternatively, if you’re a member of Auto Club, we’ll help you find great and reasonably priced accommodation options in your area.
  • “Couchsurfing” is another popular way to save money yet still reside in comfort while travelling. This practice is even cheaper than home rental, as locals in the area that you are heading allow you to stay for free and share their residence. Websites such as Global Freeloaders and Hospitality Club will provide more information in this regard
  • Hostels are a more traditional way to get cheap accommodation, and are still in high demand, especially for young travellers. These dormitory-style facilities are shared, and are a perfect location for a group of travellers on a tight budget

Have a good journey!

Don’t know where to stay in an Emergency?

Auto Club will have you covered! We will help you find great and reasonably priced accommodation options, conveniently located.

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