Accident Assist is an exciting new service whereby we proactively detect in real-time when your vehicle is involved in a high-impact incident – this typically means a collision.

To detect such an incident, we install a sophisticated tracking device in your vehicle which not only detects impacts, but also provides you with full tracking capabilities as well as stolen vehicle recovery services. Knowing the exact location of your vehicle from the tracking device enables us to dispatch the required emergency services fast and effectively. Getting this service through Auto Club will allow you to take advantage of the special offer we have on this device, which is supplied by one of our most valued partners, Cartrack.

Auto Club Accident Assist Services Mozambique

How does it work?

Real-time collision detection
  1. The emergency control room receives a message via the tracking device that there has been a serious impact on the vehicle. A case is immediately opened and acted upon.
  2. Auto Club will immediately establish the vehicle’s precise street-level location and call you, the member, to check whether assistance is needed. If you confirm that you have had a collision and that you require assistance, emergency services will be notified. We can also advise your next-of-kin or other emergency contact person.
  3. Should Auto Club not be able to get hold of you, we will notify one of the emergency contact persons provided by you as the member, to advise them of the accident alert and give the exact vehicle location. A decision will then be made with your emergency contact on the best course of action to be taken.

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Make your life easier and safer

Should you take out the full suite of Auto Club services, you will be able to take advantage of the free vehicle towing services, free qualified medical advice via telephone to the accident scene, and also dispatch of emergency medical services. This will give you maximum peace of mind.

Knowing the exact location of your vehicle could save your life.

Auto Club Accident Assist detects when your vehicle is involved in a collision and dispatches emergency services.

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